Artist Statement

As artists, I believe that we have the responsibility (and privilege!) of being truth tellers: of protesting cynicism, of helping each other see ourselves clearly, of noticing beauty, and slowing down long enough to pay careful attention to it – to look up and out and respond to the overarching narrative of God’s creativity and goodness.

We don’t have to look hard to find it. Standing in front of one of Marc Chagall’s enchanting mosaics or El Anatsui’s intricate sculptures, I am reminded that His Spirit is omnipresent. I cannot look at good art and not see Him.

Art can thrive as a messy, collaborative process, and when we talk to each other, create together, and are willing to compromise our individual artistic visions, we can enable communities to express their stories and empower individuals to grow further into who God made them to be.

Creating art within community is often difficult, frustrating, and slow. But I believe that it is worth the effort. Art is a healing balm for a bruised world. It helps us express what can be difficult to put into words. It is a way to celebrate the good and lament the pain. Ultimately, it is a discipline that makes us more human. It is through community art that I hope to work towards this human flourishing.