A love letter to a younger self: featuring poetry, mosaics, and other bits and pieces

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It’s been a minute, well, several. I’m sitting here a little wide-eyed and out of breath, five days into a summer where (for the first time in my life!) the next few years are wide open. Wide open for me to dream, to meet new people, and to make big plans and continue to make make make. My learning will no longer happen in a structured environment, and I will no longer be enclosed within and committed to a few square blocks of intense academic and social stress. I am also grieving the loss of the gift of closeness to people that I don’t have to explain myself to, and that speak the familiar language of a close-knit community.

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There are many, many ways to live a meaningful life

Installation in Oak Park Public library

These past few months, my senior community art cohort has been meeting with community artists from all over Chicago and its suburbs: from pastors to art league directors to community organizers: people who live loudly, softly, confidently, humbly.

We’ve met muralists and sketchbook drawers and people that wouldn’t consider themselves artists at all; they just simply love spending time with other people.

People with all different kinds of personalities, the only thing they share in common, really, being their belief that art making matters to our well-being.

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Winter update: thread, clay, mosaics

When the kiln is unloaded and it feels like Christmas morning came early

These past few months, I have been thinking a lot about the discipline and integrity behind good art-making: of continuing to put in hours when the inspiration is long gone, of loving and listening to the materials, of deciding that the details matter, even when no one else will notice them.

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